Masía Can Gel has been part of our lives for many years: we have deeply rooted feelings, experiences and deep esteem in it. For us it is a luxury and a privilege to put it within your reach so that you can enjoy it and be direct testimonies of its warmth and immense welcome.

In Masía Can Gel you will find the exclusivity and distinction that you are looking for so much so that your experience is unique 

The pleasure of working on what you like and are passionate about

know us:

Cristina Costa

CEO of Masia Can Gel

"Make yourself at home. Our greatest wish is that this experience will be a sweet memory for you forever."

Pere Farrés

Manager of Masia Can Gel

"This celebration, event or stay, you want it to go perfectly. We also".

Marta Ariño

Manager of tourist accommodation and Manager of Hello Time Vacacional.

"It is a luxury for me to offer you Masía Can Gel for your most exclusive stays".

Mercè Pérez

Event organizer and CEO of Original Catering

"We want to be the perfect accomplice that helps and accompanies you in these important moments, giving it a touch of flavor and color"

Mònica Ramírez


"For me it is a pleasure to be able to immortalize your experiences at Masía Can Gel in images".

Sara Salgado

Therapist and chiropractor

"Our purpose is that your experience at Masía Can Gel be a gift for your body and mind, but above all for your soul. "

Cristina Martorell

Food craftswoman at the head of the company Melmelària

"A pleasure to offer all guests of Masia Can Gel, gourmet gastronomic experiences made with love".

Enric Benito

Spiritual Master and Manager of Vital-harmony

"As a facilitator of the retreats at Masia Can Gel, my goal is to find peace and reconnection with oneself, which is so necessary to continue advancing on the path of life".