Do you want to disconnect from your routine and dedicate a whole day or several days to rest and health? Do you need a break to relax and reconnect with your own being? 

More and more individuals and companies need to give themselves this experience and give it to their workers. Book it in time and leave it in our hands. 

This pause for relaxation and reconnection with your own being and with the things that really matter, combines yoga, relaxation exercises, guided meditation, breathing techniques and massages to find peace, regain emotional balance and a feeling of absolute well-being. 

We will adapt other services to your needs and demands, such as catering, half board or full board, music, etc.

What does our retreat consist of?

The retreat at Masia Can Gel is usually a group retreat, but it can also be done individually. In any case, it is a retreat for meditation, disconnection, relaxation, and the best option to de-stress and find oneself. 

It is a practice that consists of getting away for a limited time from the routine and daily worries, in order to focus on the inner world. 

The duration of the retreat can vary between a whole day, a couple of days, or even a whole week. It all depends on the organization and the activities and objectives that you want to carry out and achieve.

Retreat Objectives

Relax and reconnect with your own being

Sound healing is one of the oldest forms of healing used by humans.
Sound healing is one of the oldest forms of healing used by humans.

Benefits of a Gong Bath:

  • Deep relaxation and clear mind
  • Immediate reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Balancing emotional energy
  • Regeneration of neurons and their interconnections
  • Nervous system regeneration
  • Opening and alignment of the chakras
  • Strengthening of the parasympathetic nervous system

- Reduce stress: the retreat is organized taking care of all the details, starting with the environment, accommodation and activities, with the aim of providing participants with a state of calm and serenity that they cannot find and sustain in their daily lives.

- Finding oneself: Many times we neglect our interior because of the vortex of our day to day, and we enter a loop of self-neglect. Relaxation and reconnection with oneself is one of the great purposes of our retreat.

- Teach how to approach problems from new perspectives: the practices of meditation and mindfulness techniques combined with talks and individual or group coaching sessions help to better understand problems. Stop looking at them from a single perspective with fixation, enable us to be aware of what motivates us and make decisions with a better understanding of our own motivations.

We are what you need· We have what you need

Activities of our retreat:

In the retreat, activities are carried out that are almost always related to awareness, reflection, the practice of silence, disconnection and inner care.

These are some of the activities that you can do in our retreat:

  • Guided meditations
  • Relaxation exercises
  • Breathing techniques
  • Gong Baths
  • Silent practices
  • Spiritual workshops
  • Gatherings of self-knowledge and full consciousness
  • Talks about personal growth
  • Yoga practices
  • Relaxing massages
  • Healthy nutrition

These retreat activities will allow you to find calm and serenity, two of the states necessary to work on self-knowledge.

We will adapt the activities to suit you, our professionals will carry out with you the program that best suits your needs. 

We will adapt other services to suit you: half board or full board, music, catering, setting, etc.

During your getaway you can reach the mental silence that in the day to day moves away from you with the routine and your usual environment. 

In addition to reconnecting with your own being and taking a necessary break along the way: 

  • You will share and interact with people different from you.
  • You will want to listen to others with sincere and transparent interest.
  • You will feel the desire to express your truth freely without being affected by the opinion of others.
  • You will treasure personal goals that you will want to achieve and you will have the necessary will to work on them every day.

You will also receive inspiration from your fellow retreatants, as the group energy is very high.

Reasons to go to retreat:

In the retreat at Masia Can Gel you will be able to live the disconnection, feel the beating of your heart and definitely listen to your interior: Because in life it is necessary to take a break to relax and reconnect with your own being, freeing yourself from all accumulated stress. That is the best way to move forward.

  • Masia Can Gel cannot meet requests for group retreats organized by an external organization, since it offers its own brand retreats organized by the professionals of the farmhouse.
  • During the period from June 15 to September 15, retreats are not organized at Masia Can Gel. 

Give yourself experiences· Give experiences

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